Our Customers Say...

Thanks so much for the fantastic work you did on my Skoda. Where others had told me that there was nothing wrong, you took me seriously when I talked about the intermittent problems starting the car, and you kept me informed of the options along the way. The car has run perfectly since you replaced the throttle sensor and the battery, and it runs like new again. I'm simply delighted.

Thanks so very much,




Good morning

We have now had the insurance give us a go on the repairs. Parts will be ordered this morning and are 3 weeks away from delivery.. This can change daily due to conditions overseas. The repair time on this vehicle is 15 working days.. This may also change due to external contractors (Skoda NZ) doing the air bag refit to your vehicle as we have to work with their timing and work load. Hope this is helpful and sorry for the long duration This is just the process. Let’s email each Friday so we can hopefully give you some better news on timing each week.” Thanking You

Tyrone Hale

CBD Panel & Mechanical


From our customer…

“Thank you for that information - it’s very helpful! And like the idea of a Friday update. I’ll extend my rental and let the insurance company know.

Thanks again,



Hi Tyrone and team

Huge thanks for the wonderful job you did on our silver Blade.... not just outside, but inside too! We are very grateful.

Kind regards

George and Muireen Campbell


Is this my car? It’s too clean

Little blue Mazda Verisa. I’m sitting in my car with very happy tears right now. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this when I picked it up yesterday, but I am stunned by how immaculately clean and tidy my car is. I can’t believe you & your team did this.. Well, actually yes i can, you provide an amazing service, do great work and you’ve been sponsoring the Rescue Helicopter for 20+ years now. You even waived the courtesy car fee, and given found out I’d lost my job last week - that was a huge deal all on its own. Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you. I am one very happy customer.

Lee-Anne Gillum



Hi Tyrone

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for giving me the loan car during the lockdown period while I wasn't entitled to receive one.

I would also thank you for fixing my car beyond my expectation.

You really did try to help

I love NewZealand

I love this nation

I love your kindness



I had an incident where I picked up some friends and we were driving in my car to a festival. The volkswagon Golf suddenly stopped crossing Richmond Rd onto Ponsonby Rd. My girlfriends had to get out and push the car. We were on the side of the road. AA came out to check the car but couldn't do anything about it. They told me it would need to be towed to my mechanic. I didn't want to wait an hour so called CBD towing and they were able to help me in a very short period of time. They took the car away and left it at my mechanics, the driver also gave us a lift back to my girlfriends place so that we could have access to another car. We were able to continue our evening with ease. Thoroughly recommend them!

Diana Simich


When my car broke down on the motorway on my way to work I called Tyrone at CBD. He immediately arranged a tow truck to pick my car up and take it to the CBD workshop. As I wasn't far from work the tow truck driver dropped me at work which I greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to Tyrone and his team at CBD, for their promptness, professionalism and for going the extra mile for me.

Melitta Ukich
Financial Controller


When my European car overheated late at night in an outlying suburb, Tyrone at CBD made arrangements to recover the immobilised vehicle despite the late hour.

It is a worrying experience, to have your car break down late at night so far from home, therefore I really appreciated the competent and helpful advice given, and arrangements that CBD put into place.

Shane Cunliffe
Chartered Accountant